Introduction to “Pathways through Early Modern Christianities”

About the Publication

Andreea Badea, Bruno Boute, and Birgit Emich, “Introduction”, in Pathways through Early Modern Christianities (Kulturen des Christentums/Cultures of Christianity 1), edited by Andreea Badea, Bruno Boute, and Birgit Emich, Cologne: Böhlau, 2023, pp. 7–31.

In the midst of a global pandemic, the Frankfurt POLY (Polycentricity and Plurality of Premodern Christianities) Lectures on “Pathways through Early Modern Christianities” brought together a virtual, global community of scholars and students in the Spring and Summer of 2021 to discuss the fascinating nature of early modern religious life. In this book, eleven pathbreaking scholars from the “four corners” of the early modern world reflect on the analytical tools that structure their field and that they have developed, revised and embraced in their scholarship: from generations to tolerance, from uniformity to publicity, from accommodation to local religion, from polycentrism to connected histories, and from identity to object agency. Together, the chapters of this reference work help both students and advanced researchers alike to appreciate the extent of our current knowledge about early modern christianities in their interconnected global context—and what exciting new travels could lie ahead.