Overview: Ukraine Fellow Lectures on Polycentricity and Plurality of Premodern Christianities (Summer Term 2022)

Click here to watch the POLY Ukraine Fellow Lectures of the summer term 2022.

Well before war returned to our continent, both the Chair for Early Modern History and the POLY Research Group at Frankfurt University had been a venue for talks, workshops, and less formal discussions on the striking variety of denominations, religions, and religious dynamics in Central and Eastern Europe between Christianities, Judaism, and Islam as well as between and within intersecting brands of Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant Christianities. As we had come to discover the region as an excellent vantage point to explore the plurality and polycentricity of premodern Christianities, further plans were under way. The POLY Fellowship Program for displaced Ukrainian scholars is by consequence a natural haven for students of medieval and early modern religion in the region to go on with their lives and continue their research. While our thoughts are with the three future fellows who are still in Ukraine, in this POLY Lecture Series we are honored to give the floor to three eminent specialists in the field who could already join us in Frankfurt.

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